Grip / Lighting / Production


Cinemills Midwest is a grip and lighting entity of  Imagicon Entertainment and partner of  Cinemills Studio in Burbank, California. 

Based in Grand Rapids, MI, we focus on productions in Michigan and Midwest states but do occasionally travel further. We can provide crew, gear, vehicle, camera, DP's and more. Our extended Mercedes Sprinter van, SAM, carries everything you need to light up your feature film production, music video, corporate video, commercial or photos shoot. We also light up red carpet events, corporate events and more. And for camera, we have an Helium 8k and accessories we can offer. For the both, we can provide a package rate. The longer you rent our gear, the more you save. 

With Imagicon Entertainment, we also offer co-productions (if the film fits our company vision) and other services and produce local, national and international productions. We love indie films, so our rates are flexible per production and we try hard to work with your budget. 

Contact us and let's discuss your production(s) needs and see if we can work with each other. 

​Cinemills and Cinemills Midwest owners closing the deal.

Shannon Theule is the owner of Cinemills Midwest and partner of Imagicon Entertainment. 

He is an experienced producer, writer, actor and is beginning his directing career. He started with 7 years in Hollywood building relationships with distribution companies, producers, celebrities, hosting red carpet events and presenting awards, screenplay writing  and acting. He is currently producing feature films of a variety of film budget sizes both nationally and internationally. A couple of those films are to be shot in West Michigan.
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Zachary Clark is an award-winning film maker and cinematographer who has worked throughout the states. He is our chief-technician, gaffer and all that jazz.